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Who can apply?

Product League is a program for product managers by product managers. To be qualified as a mentor, you should have +7 years in the product domain. To join the program as a mentee, you should have at least two years in product management. With that in mind, extraordinary product leaders with less than seven years in product management but with substantial experience as CPOs or CEOs, are welcome to apply as well.

I submitted my application. What's now?

Yay! The application process takes about four weeks. After the applications are closed, our system chooses qualified mentors and mentees.
Then, mentees are asked to pay the program fee of $199 within a week time.
And mentors? Well, they pay with their knowledge 🙂

I am a Product League alumni. Can I join again?

Absolutely! We are very proud to have over 40% of mentees who join the program for two, three, and even four batches.

I joined the last batch as a Mentor. Can I now join as a mentee?

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know” said Albert Einstein and we agree. This is why mentors are more than welcome to join the program as mentees. When special requests like this one are made, we at Product League go the extra mile to make sure they get the mèntor de la mèntors!

I joined the last batch as a Mentee. Can I join as a Mentor?

We are here for the long ride and are proud to see our alum mentees growing in the domain and coming back to the program, this time as mentors. If you now have seven (or more) years experience in the product domain, we would love to hear back from you and have you as a mentor in our program.


I got an email saying that I am qualified to join the program. What's now?

Congratulations… Well, almost! To enroll in the program, you’ll have to follow the link sent to you in the email and pay your $199 program fee (mentees only) within 7 days. And then? Welcome aboard!

How much does it cost to enroll as a Mentee?

The program fee is $199, for the four months program and includes special events, Leaguers swag and, the PM boost you’ve been waiting for.

How much does it cost to enroll as a Mentor?

Once qualified as mentors and accepted to the program, mentors enroll in the program for free.

Are Mentors being paid for there volunteering work?

Mentors are not offered with any kind of payment or reimbursement.

when we are taking a fee, we are committing to deliver everyone involved, a solution that is worth that fee. It means the mentee has to feel like they get worth-enough value and you, as a mentor, feel that you get a value more prominent than the ‘I am giving back to the community’ feeling. We are actually challenging ourselves to provide you with a significant enough value (how to become a leader in my field? how can I become the best manager I can be?) so that you’ll feel that you are paid with a value that is higher than $169.

You can read more about it here: https://medium.com/productleague-com/letter-to-our-mentors-please-read-91816589c300


How does Product League match mentors and mentees?

Shhh… It’s a secret! The first thing we at Product League build when launching the program was our proprietary algorithm. This matching machine was created based on a deep understanding of the PM’s career cycle, fields of interest, strenghths, and weaknesses. When applying to Product League, you are asked to answer some questions about your present and your future. Our algorithm matches this with some magic and presents you with your match.

Do I choose who to be paired with?

In the algorithm, we trust! Here at Product League, all our mentors are product experts, and all our mentees are passionate productizers. Our matches are made in product-heaven, and no request are accepted.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the match?

We are here for you! If you are not fully satisfied with your match, please let us know asap. It may be that you need some extra information to better size the opportunity or, it may be that we made a mistake. This way or another, we are here to make sure you’ll have the best experience, League style.


How long is the program?

For four exciting months of growing as a PM. Are you ready to challenge yourself? Apply now

Can I join the program for just part of it?

The short answer is: No. The longer one is, Why would you?! Product League is a career and life-changing experience where every moment is imprtant, and every lesson is meaningful.

What kind of events are there in the program?

The fun and interesting kind! Product League offers both offline and online events, so even if you are based where there are no offline events, you could meet everyone online and enjoy the community, the people, and the spirit.

Some of the events are educational (like ‘the 10 metrics every product should know’ webinar), and some are more inspirational (like the ‘PMing for a better world’ event, where we consulted not for profit organizations on their product side) and some are just fun (like our ‘Batch Launch Party’ tradition). See you there!

Are the events mandatory?

Well, kind of. Product League is a give&take program, where both mentors and mentees take an active part and grow together with their peers. If you are not interested in being part of the elite product managers community, meet the people and grow along with them, there is no much point in you joining the League.

We won’t force you to attend every event, but if you can’t commit to attend at least half of the events, we are not a good match.

When does the next batch start?

Sooner than you think! Batch Spring 2021 starts in March

The batch was awesome! Can I stay in touch with my mentor?

We did it! We love seeing how matches grow into relationships. And if both the mentor and the mentee are interested in staying in touch, we couldn’t be happier.

the League

So, who are you? How did it all start?

It’s a pleasure to meet you too! Product League was founded in October 2017 by Moriya Kassis. Along the years, while working in the product management domain, Moriya established a few PM communities, some of the biggest in the world.
And as the product person she is, she couldn’t ignore the feedback she heard from people in the communities. You know, sayings like “Meetups are awesome, but if I just had the person I could get product advice from when I needed it, my career will skyrocket. Can you help?”.
And, “I know I have a lot to give back to the community, but if to be honest, I don’t know how to do that. Can you help?”.

And with this in mind, in October 2017 Moriya launched the first batch of Product League with 50 mentoring pairs and the rest will be written in the PM history book. Make sure to save you a page in that book, apply now!

What type of an organization is it?

Product League is a for-social-change business. It means that we work hard to make sure that our product is good enough for mentees and mentors to pay for with their money and time.
We believe that the PM oath pushes us to build sustainable organizations that support themselves organically, and this is what we are here to do.

I want to apply! How can I do that?

I have an idea for collaboration. Who should I talk with?

We are getting curious! For collaboration opportunities or other exciting matters, feel free to talk with us here.

I want to join your team! Are you looking for employees?

What a compliment! Currently, we are not looking for employees. But please stay tuned and… let’s see.

I'm in-love with the illustrations on your website. Who is the artist?

The illustrations crafted by the talented Gal Ashkenazi. You can see more of her work here.

I'm obsessed with the videos on your website. Who is the creator?

Our testimonials videos created by the talented Roi Kayzerman, you can reach out to him clicking here.

What Leaguers Mentors Mentees say?

An awesome blend of shared experience, mentoring, networking, and Q&As from not one, but multiple PMs all over the world.
This is a great experience and opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Highly recommended!

Viktoriia Kryvenko (Kyiv)

Product Manager, One Hour Translation

Product League offers an amazing opportunity to interact, learn and grow with like-minded people around the world. It’s made to contemplate, question and transcend the conventional pathways of contemporary product design thinking, as well as find the so much necessary guidance in our efforts to enhance pretty much all of the aspects of the craft and make better product decisions.

Much Love!

Garry Mkrtchyan (Los Angeles)

Product Management Consultant

Product League is an amazing program that brings a huge amount of value in a short amount of time, connecting you the best in the industry to mentor you and provide a lot of additional exclusive materials such as lectures and webinars.

I can not recommend the program highly enough.

Lior Kaminsky (Tel Aviv)

VP Product, Inception XR