How it Works?

We are a mentoring program for PMs, by PMs.
And it Works. This is how.

What is Product League?

Product League is a 4 month product management mentoring program that offers both veteran and junior product professionals a semi-structured approach to work on the skills that matters to them, so they’ll create the career they want to have.
Product League enrollment happens twice a year, but living in the present moment is crucial to your success.

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How does the League work

On their first week on Product League, each mentoring pair works out a commitment, together. RoadMapping their path to succeed in the program.

Leaguers meet on a weekly to monthly basis to discuss their challenges. You can choose to meet online, in your office, or at your favorite cafe. Wherever works for you.

To support you on these meetings, we’ve created nine eLesson modules where you can find tips and tricks on how to discuss and research some of the PM’s biggest challenges.

Tell me about the League

Product League gatherings happen every three weeks with easy-to-follow webinars, resources lists, meetups, and other events.

Leaguers can access private resources, connect with others, and even compare notes with fellow PMs on our Slack channel.

Product League includes interactive components like a Hot Line and Office Hours, where both mentors and mentees are offered answers and strategic advice to ensure that you take consistent action and receive the highest return on your investment.

What Leaguers Mentors Mentees say?

An awesome blend of shared experience, mentoring, networking, and Q&As from not one, but multiple PMs all over the world.
This is a great experience and opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Highly recommended!

Viktoriia Kryvenko (Kyiv)

Product Manager, One Hour Translation

Product League offers an amazing opportunity to interact, learn and grow with like-minded people around the world. It’s made to contemplate, question and transcend the conventional pathways of contemporary product design thinking, as well as find the so much necessary guidance in our efforts to enhance pretty much all of the aspects of the craft and make better product decisions.

Much Love!

Garry Mkrtchyan (Los Angeles)

Product Management Consultant

Product League is an amazing program that brings a huge amount of value in a short amount of time, connecting you the best in the industry to mentor you and provide a lot of additional exclusive materials such as lectures and webinars.

I can not recommend the program highly enough.

Lior Kaminsky (Tel Aviv)

VP Product, Inception XR