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Product League is not a course, neither a matching service.

We are the League. An A-Z semi-structured mentoring program, where you get to invest in yourself so you will become #TheBestPMYouCanBe.

Product League is for you, the product manager who wants to be better. Simple.

Mentors and mentees work out a commitment with each other – time, goals, and projects to make this less casual and more useful.

It all starts with our algorithm, matching each mentee with their most suitable mentor.

When you join the league, you enjoy a shared forum to share resources, discoveries, and advice with similar-minded PMs like you.

We know that you are unique, roadmapping the future that works for you.

Product League is a semi-structured program.  We support you on your way to finding the goals, KPIs, and structure that work for you.

Why Product League?

More than 1K satisfied
mentors & mentees

Proprietary algorithm
& eLearning platform

A thriving community
in 20 countries

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When the next batch of Product League starts?

Batch Summer 2022 starts in June 2022 and closes in September 2021.

Who can apply?

To be qualified as a mentor, you should have at least 7 years of experience in product management.
To be qualified as a mentee, you should have at least 2 years of experience in the domain.

We know the return. What is the investment?

Program enrollment is free for mentors. The investment for Product League mentees is $269.

Participating Countries


Retention Rate

Alumni & Alumnae

9.1 (out of 10) NPS

We work hard to ensure that you reach your goals.

When you become a Leaguer, you’ve got the whole League to support you with anything you may need in order to make your goals come true.

This is why we consistently enjoy the highest Net Promoting Score in our domain. Thanks!

99% Successful Matches

Yes. Our algorithm is that good.

To make sure we provide you with the most suitable match for you, when applying, we ask you a few guiding questions that help us get to know you, your preferences, and your goals.

Our proprietary algorithm turns that data into your magical mentoring adventure.

"You are the main purpose of this program. Everything is based on your experience and your challenges, so you could move forward."

Lior Kaminsky, VP Product at Inception XR and 2 times Product League Alumna



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How to League

Product League is not a course, neither a matching service.

We are the League. An A-Z semi-structured mentoring program, where you get to invest in yourself so you will become #TheBestPMYouCanBe.
Your four months of Product League experience start with onboarding training week, where you set your goals and get into the mentoring spirit.
The match is done using our proprietary algorithm and considers your preferences, as well as your work history and some personality traits.
Training materials are released twice a week, in the private mentors, and mentees eLearning portals.

Leaguers also enjoy #SharingCircles, #GroupMentoring, workshops, and interactive sessions to build your soft and hard skills.

What Leaguers Mentors Mentees say?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join this mentoring program, it was well organized, provided great material, and the content was relevant and engaging.

I highly recommend anyone joining both as a mentee and a mentor.

Shelly Kalish (New York)

Product Director, American Express

If you want to make a change in the world and need the best guidance for doing so Product League is the right place. I had a great mentor who taught me so much, I was invited to several lectures that enriched my knowledge and I received relevant articles weekly. This batch is the fast route to be the best product manager you can!

I just want to say Thanks.

Yogev Baron (Munich)

Product Manager, Riskmethods

A very good initiative.

Mentoring and getting mentored are both important for product managers, and this program is helping both.
It is also well managed and gives an extra to this process.

Benny Reich (Tel Aviv)

VP Products, Perception Point

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