Product League is a 4 month long mentoring program

for experienced PMs with at least two years in product management, by veterans from the two biggest product management communities in israel: ProductTank TLV and Product of Things.

The role of the product manager covers goals ranging from strategic to tactical, providing cross-functional leadership and bridging gaps between different functions within the company. This is unquestionably a daunting task and there’s a lot to learn regardless of what stage in your career you are at; however, there is also a lot that you can teach, even though you may not have realized that yet.

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Meet some of our mentors

  • Omer Amsel
  • Avi Latner
  • Noa Barbiro
  • Oded Volovitz
  • Inbal Miron
  • Oded Valin
  • Meital Gurman
  • Liraz Axelrad
  • Amit Rotenberg
  • Eliaz Tobias
  • Chen Shir
  • Yuval Goldstein
  • Inbal Latner
  • Noam Mantel
  • Tal Atzmon
  • Ayelet Regev
  • Sagee Ben Zedeff
  • Nofar Levi
  • Uri Tzikoni
  • Roee Kriger
  • Moran Haviv
  • David Habusha
  • Zorik Stolyar
  • Dana Leibovich
  • Yoav Yechiam
  • Orit Levy
  • Shai Frank
  • Daniel Gwerzman
  • Yorai Gabriel
  • Elinor Bat-Genstein
  • Tal Ben-Simon
  • Inbal Rief
  • Ofer Golan
  • Benny Reich
  • Hadas Sheinfeld
  • Beny Rubinstein
  • Guy Eden
  • Irena Guy
  • Ariel Lifschitz
  • Amnon Keiny
  • Shirley Behar
  • Maya Mandel

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