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for PMs, by PMs

a 4-month product management mentoring program. For you.

Product League is for you, the product manager who wants to be better. Simple

You’ve got the motivation but needs the direction. Mentors and mentees work out a commitment with each other – time, goals, and projects to make this less casual and more useful. We are passionate about seeing you grow as a product professional.

It all starts with our algorithm, matching each mentee with the most suitable mentor

Then, each pair enjoys a shared forum to share resources, discoveries, advice, and so on. When you join the league, you also enjoy meeting with similar-minded product managers like you, in offline events, webinars, and even communal picnics.

We know that you are unique, roadmapping the future that works for you

As each pair of mentee and mentor face different challenges and opportunities for growth, Product League is a semi-structured program.  We encourage you to find the structure that works for you and support you on your way there.

I’m ready to mentor,
but I don’t know how to start

Experienced PMs know enough to guide others and inspire them to solve complex problems.
They feel ready to lead others and walk aside them, to be the guider they could only dream of having.

However, mentoring is a tricky business, and sometimes can feel like more work than actual work does. And even a PM veteran could enjoy a proven path to become a mentor!

I’m filled with questions,
but I don’t know who to ask

PMs know enough to solve complex problems,
but also to be handed problems way beyond our reach.
Who can guide you through these issues?
What if you don’t know how to phrase your question, or if you feel like your problem is unique to you?
And as with any other relationship — how can one do that in the most respectful way, with the ultimate aim of real problem-solving?

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