Ready For Your Product Team to Become the Best?

Do you have talent, but there's still something missing?
Do you seek some outside guidance to make things work?

For Product teams of 5+ PMs who want to grow their skills.

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The League is NOT a Course

Although courses can be effective, they are generic in nature and not tailored either to your team or to its members. Are you okay with your team to "just grow" or do you want & need for them to League Up?

Learning As a Team

Elevate your team's sense of support, nurturing, and value as Product Professionals. Foster their growth through mentorship and practical exercises. Demonstrate your genuine care for their well-being, paving the way for their success.

Practicing As a Team

Experience the power of collective growth and collaboration.
In Product League, your team thrives through group mentoring sessions, uniting to conquer unique challenges and enhance group dynamics.

And then? Becoming A Team!

At Product League, we empower teams to evolve into cohesive units that make things happen. Unlock the true potential of your team through collaborative discussions, and hands-on practice of diverse Product Management methodologies.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Take Theirs.

Here’s what they say about Product League

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Mentees Martin, Carolina, and, Sarah from team Product Management at WELT

Mentees Martin Kohls, Carolina Munoz, and, Sarah Wirth from team Product Management at WELT, Berlin, Germany

Grow Your Team With the League

To be qualified for Product League for Teams, your team should be of five or more PMs, each with at least two years of experience in Product Management.

But more than that, you need to make sure that they have an extreme motivation, high goals, and exceptional manners. You know, they should be a League-material.

As most of the program is held online: wherever you are based, you are welcome in!

First Thing First, Apply
🧡 Let's get personal
Pay The Program Fee

Then, you'll receive an invitation to pay the $399 fee for each mentee and we'll set up the team, verifying their preferences with them and setting them up for success.

Kick Off Week

Your four months of Product League Product Management mentoring experience start with onboarding training week, where you set your goals and get into the mentoring spirit. Get ready to learn, to network and to be inspired. Team managers are welcome to join the team sessions, if are interested in that.


The match is done using our proprietary algorithm and considers your preferences, as well as your work history and some personality traits. We translate our PM know-how and lots of data into a matching process, that works.

Leaguing Up

Training materials are released twice a week, in the private mentors, and mentees eLearning portals. Leaguers also enjoy #SharingCircles, #GroupMentoring, workshops, and interactive sessions to build your soft and hard skills.

Experience the DifferencE

Watch & League

Here’s what they say about Product League

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Mentee & Head of Product, David Schumann from team Bild, Berlin, Germany

You Know The ROI

What's the Investment?

Product League is not a course, nor a matching service.
We are the League. An A-Z semi-structured mentoring program, where you get to invest in yourself so you will become #TheBestPMYouCanBe.

To support and allow you to grow as a team, your team will enjoy group mentoring sessions, where they work as a team on your company's specific challenges and group dynamics.

Your team will enjoy two 45-minute sessions with Product League’s founder and GM (or another qualified mentor from our team).

For teams of 5+ Product Managers

  • 4 months of guidance
  • Individual mentoring
  • Two exclusive team mentoring sessions
  • Workshops & talks
  • eLearning Platform
  • Community Support
  • Completion certificate
  • Exclusive PL forum



The Most trusted

mentoring program

Meet Moriya Kassis,

Founder & General Manager

It's a pleasure to connect with you all! I can't express how excited I am to have the opportunity to unlock your team's full potential, to support and empower them.

Leave us a message below, and we'll get back to you with detailed info on how Product League can work for your team.

Managing Product teams is a real challenge

How to Grow Your Team Both Individually & Collectively?

And while you want your team to master their practices, you want them to learn from other companies, too.
Not to mention, building an internal mentoring program is so expensive.

You've got enough on your plate as it is.
And yet, you have to strengthen your team.

As a Product Leader, your job goes beyond improving your work. Instead, you are responsible for everyone's work. This includes their deadlines and the quality of their work. Nonetheless, it also relates to their attitude.

No matter the job title — you are expected to consistently evolve your team, to help them acquire new skills. And let's admit it: to make them better than the industry standard.

Signing them up for a course will not work here.
And you care about your team and want them to feel supported rather than coached.

How can you do that when you barely complete your "regular" tasks? And what if your answers aren't all there? What if your team does not open up to you as you would like?

It's time for your team to be mentored. The mentor acts as a facilitator to ask questions, guide them, and supports your team so that they can focus on their learning goals.

For Product Managers, By Product Managers.

This is not a course where an agency or a recruiting firm offer to teach you how to Product. And the purpose of our product is not to only help you find a mentor.
This is a PM-creation product, and we're managing it as a Product Manager would.

Program Dates: July 24, - November 17, 2023

Mentee Bar Darmon & Mentor Gad Zehavi