It’s 94F in TLV, and the Product Leauge team is having hot ridiculous amount of fun building this program.

Moriya Kassis

Founder and GM 

Moriya has spent her career learning how to combine her three best interests: business, design, and technology. As a product manager and the founder of ProductTank TLV and Product of Things, she gets to pursue all three.

With a background as a startup founder (Morpheus), startup investor (UpWest Labs), and specialist in IoT and disruptive technologies, Moriya is not just an advocate of innovation, but an active sponsor.

Currently, Moriya is the VP Commercialization at DRIVE Mobility Center. She holds an MBA with distinction from TAU and a BFA from Bezalel.

Tal Atzmon

Mentors Guide

Tal is an experienced Product Manager, mostly around SaaS B2B. His expertise is creating product growth through lean startup and customer development strategies.
Tal is a 3rd-time mentor on Product League, holding a record of mentoring 5 mentees over 3 batches.

Benny Reich

Mentors Guide

Benny is an experienced and passionate mentor, blogger, and entrepreneur with over 15 years of product management experience in different markets.

Benny believes that product management (and mentoring) is never about you. It’s about the team, about people, and about trust.

Benny is 3rd time mentor on Product League.

Adi Langerman

Mentees Guide

Adi is a Product Manager at YouAppi and enjoying the planning, optimizing and launching of new products and new strategies. She has spent the majority of her career in the Ad-Tech industry gaining experiences in areas such as video, performance, big-data and algorithms. She has almost 4 years of experience as a PM.

While product management is her primary job function by day, Adi also enjoys running every morning and is currently training to her first half marathon.

Adi is Product League Alumni and was a mentee on its first batch.

Odi Paneth

Social Media Ninja

A two time Product League alumni, In the middle of round three.

Product manager for the last three years in WeissBeerger, before that data analyst in a student position. Co-organizer in Product Tank TLV for the past few months.

A big beer enthusiast, drummer (in a band!,) juggler, and Crossfiter.

Favorite product: Duolingo.

Mentors: David Habush, Inbal Miron- Bershteyn and Yorai Gabriel.

Daniel Launer

Content Master

Daniel Launer is a DJ by heart. He finds and gathers exciting ideas, tools, and people, and makes handy mixtapes out of them. For his freshest sets look for Product League’s weekly newsletter.

Other then that, Daniel leads the streaming products vertical at Roundforest. He is also actively engaged in sharing his enthusiasm for continual learning and long-term thinking through product management communities.

Daniel is also a mentee on Product League winter 2019 batch.

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