Mentee Material?

You know enough to be handed problems way beyond your reach.
But what if you don’t even know how to phrase your issue?

Who should apply?

To be qualified as a mentee you have to have +2 years of experience in product management. But more than that, you have to have an extreme motivation, high goals, and exceptional manners.
You know, you should be a Leaguer.

As most of the program is held online:
wherever you are based, you are welcome in!

Why should you apply?

Product League is a career and life-changing opportunity to be guided by professionals who have already figured out the answers to your tough questions.

This is a hand-picked community of PM professionals.
And with the years, it only gets stronger – and you’re a part of that. 
We offer you eLearning materials, Leaguers-Only meetups and an exceptional mentoring experience.
However, you are the one to do the work.

What should I expect?

and join the Waiting List. So we could stay in touch

2. Ask

If accepted to the program, you’ll be invited to an online meetup

3. Pay

If accepted to the program, you’ll get an invite to pay the $169 fee

4. Match

We match you with the best product mentor for you

5. League 👏

Get ready to become the best PM you can be.
We can’t wait!

Please keep in mind

This is a semi-structured program.
As every mentor, mentee and a match are different; we can not provide a fully structured program.
We at Product League are here to guide on how to find the right structure for you and your mentor.

Mentoring can’t be casual. If you join Product League, we expect you to stay with us for the entire 4 months.
This is a professional obligation, and we trust you to treat it as such. If you’ve planned a meeting, please make sure to get there, and on time. Your mentor’s time is valuable, and they’re donating it to you.

Your mentor is here to guide you on your product dilemmas and become a better product manager.
They are not here to help you find a job but to grow in it.


I got an email saying that I am qualified to join the program. What's now?

Congratulations… Well, almost! To enroll in the program, you’ll have to follow the link sent to you in the email and pay your $169 program fee (mentees only) within 7 days. And then? Welcome aboard!

How much does it cost to enroll as a Mentee?

The program fee is $169, for the four months program including special events, Leaguers swag and, an endless support.

Are Mentors being paid for there volunteering work?

Mentors are not offered with any kind of payment or reimbursement.

when we are taking a fee, we are committing to deliver everyone involved, a solution that is worth that fee. It means the mentee has to feel like they get worth-enough value and you, as a mentor, feel that you get a value more prominent than the ‘I am giving back to the community’ feeling. We are actually challenging ourselves to provide you with a significant enough value (how to become a leader in my field? how can I become the best manager I can be?) so that you’ll feel that you are paid with a value that is higher than $169.

You can read more about it here:


How does Product League match mentors and mentees?

Shhh… It’s a secret! The first thing we at Product League build when launching the program was our proprietary algorithm. This matching machine was created based on a deep understanding of the PM’s career cycle, fields of interest, strenghths, and weaknesses. When applying to Product League, you are asked to answer some questions about your present and your future. Our algorithm matches this with some magic and presents you with your match.

Do I choose who to be paired with?

In the algorithm, we trust! Here at Product League, all our mentors are product experts, and all our mentees are passionate productizers. Our matches are made in product-heaven, and no request are accepted.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the match?

We are here for you! If you are not fully satisfied with your match, please let us know asap. It may be that you need some extra information to better size the opportunity or, it may be that we made a mistake. This way or another, we are here to make sure you’ll have the best experience, League style.

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