Ready to Become The Best
Product Manager You Can Be?

For Product Managers with a minimum of 2 years and up to 15 years of experience

Mentee Bar Darmon & Mentor Gad Zehavi

Product League Mentoring is Like Nothing Else

Product League is not a course, nor a matching service.
We are the League. An A-Z semi-structured mentoring program, where you get to invest in yourself so you will become #TheBestPMYouCanBe.

You Are the Greatest Product You'll Ever Work On

But do you know how to manage your product-career?

If you’re constantly drained, distracted, and overstretched — it’s not your fault.
Product Management is hard work that cannot be taught and has no manual or script.

Let’s admit it. Growing as a Product Manager and becoming #TheBestPMYouCanBe, is a real challenge.
No matter the job title — manager, director, or a VP — Product Managers are forced to consistently evolve and acquire new skills.

How can you grow and challenge yourself when you barely know how to balance work and life?
Signing up for a course will not work here. It's better to watch how it's done than to read about it. And you should feel supported rather than coached.

In a life where schedules are overbooked, why carve out time for Product mentoring?

Because we all need ongoing support and conversation. Because being a mentee is crucial for your career development. And because by being proactive about our career growth and personal development, we are better able to care for the self.

Not only does it bring personal satisfaction, it grows the networks and communities around you. It’s time for you to resolve the demand of mentorship against the demands of your calendar. It's time for you to invest in yourself, and to become a mentee.

After all, you are the greatest product you'll ever work on.

Please Keep In Mind

Read how Product League sparks Product-joy. Mentoring is not just about giving back.
It's also about investing a moment (or rather four months) in... yourself.

This Is A Semi-structured Program

And as every mentor, mentee and a match are different; we can't provide a fully structured program.
We at Product League are here to guide on how to find the right structure for you and your mentor.

Mentoring Can’t Be Casual

So if you join Product League, we expect you to stay with us for the entire 4 months.
This is a professional obligation, and we trust you to treat it as such. If you’ve planned a meeting, please make sure to get there, and on time. Your mentor’s time is valuable, and they’re donating it to you.

Your Mentor Is Here To Guide You

On your product dilemmas and help you to become a better Product Manager, one that companies will be interested in hiring.
They are not here to help you find a job, but to grow in it.

Your ROI

You Know The Return. What's The Investment?


For leaders with 7+ years of PM experience

  • 4 months of guidance
  • Workshops & talks
  • eLearning Platform
  • Community Support
  • Exclusive Product League forum
  • Speaking and PR opportunities


For individuals with 2+ years of PM experience



  • 4 months of guidance
  • Individual mentoring
  • Workshops & talks
  • eLearning Platform
  • Community Support
  • Completion certificate
  • Exclusive Product League forum


For teams of 5+ Product Managers, team mentoring included

  • 4 months of guidance
  • Individual mentoring
  • Workshops & talks
  • Community Support
  • Completion certificate
  • eLearning Platform
  • Exclusive Product League forum
  • Exclusive team mentoring sessions

First Thing First, Apply.

Let's make you into a Mentee!

How To Become A League Mentee

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

  • Step 3


Pay The Program Fee

If accepted to the program, you’ll get an invite to pay the $289 fee.

Getting In

I got an email saying that I am qualified to join the program. What's now?

Congratulations… Well, almost! To enroll in the program, you’ll have to follow the link sent to you in the email and pay your $289 program fee (mentees only) within 7 days. And then? Welcome aboard!

How much does it cost to enroll as a Mentee?

The program fee is $289, for the four months program and includes special events, Leaguers swag and, the PM boost you’ve been waiting for.

Are Mentors being paid for their volunteering work?

Mentors are not offered any kind of payment or reimbursement.

When we are taking a fee, we are committing to deliver to everyone involved, a solution that is worth that fee. It means the mentee has to feel like they get worth-enough value and you, as a mentor, feel that you get a value more prominent than the ‘I am giving back to the community’ feeling. We are challenging ourselves to provide you with a significant enough value (how to become a leader in my field? how can I become the best manager I can be?) so that you’ll feel that you are paid with a value that is higher than $269.

Being Matched

How does Product League match mentors and mentees?

Shhh… It’s a secret! The first thing we at Product League build when launching the program was our proprietary algorithm. This matching machine was created based on a deep understanding of the PM’s career cycle, fields of interest, strenghths, and weaknesses. When applying to Product League, you are asked to answer some questions about your present and your future. Our algorithm matches this with some magic and presents you with your match.

Do I choose who to be paired with?

In the algorithm we trust! Here at Product League, all our mentors are product experts, and all our mentees are passionate Product professionals. Our matches are made in Product-heaven, and no requests are accepted.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the match?

We are here for you! If you are not fully satisfied with your match, please let us know ASAP. It may be that you need some extra information to better size the opportunity or, it may be that we made a mistake. This way or another, we are here to make sure you’ll have the best experience, League style

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