The 3rd batch is on! With big plans for the 4th batch!

Before we start matching, please go over these guidelines:

Who should apply : PMs with 2+ years in product management. No exceptions.

Why should you apply?

    PL is a once-in-a-career opportunity to be guided by professionals who have already figured out the answers to your tough questions.
  –  This is a hand-picked community of PM professionals. With the years, it will only get stronger – and you’re a part of that. We offer you eLearning materials, Product Leaguers Only meetups and an exceptional mentoring experience.

Please keep in mind:

    Mentorship can’t be casual. This is a professional obligation, so we trust you to treat it as such and to stay with us for the entire 4 months. If you’ve planned a meeting, please make sure to get there, and on time. Your mentor’s time is valuable, and they’re donating it to you.
    Your mentor is here to guide you on your product dilemmas and become a better product manager. They are not here to help you find a job but to grow in it.

Application process

  –  Applications for the 3rd batch are now closed. If you would like to join the waiting list for Product League May 2019 batch, please fill out this form.
  –  Once applications are open, we will happily send you an invitation to apply to our next batch.
    If you have been accepted to our program, you’ll receive a request via email for a donation of 390NIS to Product League. This money will be used to purchase two product management books for you and your mentor and to sponsor knowledge-sharing-based events. You can read about this here.
    After you’ve been matched, you’ll receive an email introducing you to your mentor. That email is the start of your mentorship experience.