Product League is a 4-month long mentoring program

for experienced PMs with at least two years in product management.

The role of the product manager covers goals ranging from strategic to tactical, providing cross-functional leadership and bridging gaps between different functions within the company. This is unquestionably a daunting task and there’s a lot to learn regardless of what stage in your career you are at; however, there is also a lot that you can teach, even though you may not have realized that yet.

Product League addresses two problems:

I’m filled with questions, but I don’t know who to ask. PMs know enough to solve complex problems, but also to be handed problems way beyond their reach. Who can guide them through these issues? And what if you don’t even know how to phrase your issue, or if you feel like your problem is unique to you?

I’m ready to mentor, but I need a framework. Experienced PMs know enough to guide others and inspire them to solve complex problems. However, mentoring is tricky business, and sometimes can feel like more work than actual work does.

Product League was established on this exact notion – a semi structured giving and taking program with the ultimate aim of real problem solving for the israeli product community.

What does Product League represent?

Community. Mentors and mentees will have a shared forum to share resources, discoveries, advice, and so on.

Motivation. Product League is for PMs who want to be better. Simple.

Dedication. Mentors and mentees work out a commitment with each other – time, projects, and so on – so as to make this less casual and more useful.

Make your achievements stick!

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Meet the Patrons of the Product-Art:
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The best books, by the best authors
to the best product managers!

Product League is honored to be backed by some of the world’s best thought leaders in product, management, and leadership. These great authors provide our program with copies of their books for each mentor and mentee to learn from and most importantly, much of encouragement and inspiration.